Among the American soldiers buried in St.James cemetery, lies PFC (Private First Class) John A. Higgins, killed in battle on September 15, 1944, during the battle for Brest.
John A. Higgins belonged to Company G, 2nd Battalion, of the 115th Infantry. This regiment was part of the 29th Division
Three divisions were gathered around Brest to take by assault the city and the port. 40,000 German soldiers, part of which was the 2nd Paratroop division, commanded by General Ramcke, were cut off there. On August 23 the three American Infantry regiments took stand around Lannilis, Plougerneau and Ploudalmézeau.
The 2nd Battalion's objectives were the capture of Bohars and the German battery of Kerognan. The 115th positioned itself on its line, Road D67, between Road D3 and Road D26. On August 25 the attack began. Hidden in the banks, the German paratroopers resisted. Progress was difficult.
On September 6, the Germans evacuated Bohans. At the end of the afternoon, the 2nd Battalion came into the village. The battery of Kerognan is threatened. From the crest between Créarc'h Bellec and Pen-ar-Valy Company G attacks the 8th at 10:10, the 2nd section in the North, the 3rd in the South-East. The position is taken at 6pm.
The German DCA. battery of Kerognan (Flack). Background Brest (Lambezellec) - Brest (Penfeld)
From the 11th of September, the 115th Infantry takes the position of the 116th on the road Trinité- Brest. The object is the capture of Forts Keranroux and Montbarey.
On September 12th the Second Batallion attacks Fort Montbarey, to the North, but the assault fails. The batallion positions itself to the South-West of the fort, at Kervaoter. At Kestéria, on Hill 91 is an entrenchment of German support, consisting of bunkers. On the 14th the 2nd Batallion takes command of the position. But during the night the Germans counter-attack and recapture the bunkers. 37 GIs of Company G are taken prisoners. John A. Higgins was probably killed at the time of the assault on the bunkers, on Hill 91. (see map)

From Hill 91 to West
Fort Montbarey