Eugène Freyssinet

Plougastel Bridge

Jules Albert Louppe - who was the president of the Coucil - managed to build that bridge to enable people crossing the River Elorn. Freyssinet engineered that reinforced and prestressed concrete made bridge is composed by 3 archsand a double way of 900 meters long, 8 meters wide and 42,50 meters high) the inferior way was kept for the railway. Works began in 1926, and President Paul Doumer inaugurated it on the 9th of October 1930. Jules A. Louppe died in 1927
Plougastel Bridge View of the left riverbank (Plougastel Peninsula side) Brest stands at the end of the cove . One can see it on the left side of the bridge.
Plougastel Bridge Right river bank (Brest side towards Plougastel - Road towards Quimper) The first arch of the bridge was destroyed by the German army in August 1944.
September 1944 The bridge in September 1944.

                          Germans resorted about 20 tons of dynamite to destroy it.